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Self care without the bull

We believe that self-care should be so easy that everyone does it…

Our core purpose (see what we did there?) is to provide no-bull products that improve mental and physical wellness from the inside out.

Crammed with Plant-based goodness, in eco-friendly packaging - that is great news for you and for the planet.

Finding Supplements Confusing?

We got your back!

After A LOT of research, we understand the Core of what our minds and bodies need.

We have tailored our collection so each bottle of supplement has its own key purpose and unique benefits for your health, and we are giving you it in a no-fuss, no-bull package so you can understand exactly what each supplement will do.

It's time for some self-loving

Our careers, relationships, and responsibilities often take priority. Why?

Making changes to improve your own fundamental wellness is a great place to start self-lovin'.

Stop devaluing yourself, and start building your self-esteem and self-love from the core!

Our Promise

Our goal is to build a fully sustainable brand for the future of our planet so you can shop confidently with us.

As a company, we pledge that mind, body and planet will always come before profit. That's why we have worked hard to be a certified carbon-neutral company, 100% palm oil-free and we only use ocean-waste plastic, plant-based green polymers, and PCR (Post Consumer recycled) plastic.

Our no-bull approach includes us being totally transparent in everything we do. Although we are not perfect, we are a new brand built by real people determined to do their best, and we want to be judged on the good we do.

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