At Core, all of our supplements are 100% plant-based, which of course means they are dairy-free. From our vitamin sprays to our protein powders, every product is made with vegan-friendly ingredients.

But why did we make the decision to remain dairy-free? 

Let’s discuss it… 


Is it unnatural to eat dairy products?

We don’t like to pass judgement on anybody or claim that one person’s way of life is less correct than another’s. So no, we are not saying it’s unnatural to eat dairy.

However, the topic is definitely open for debate!

Many people claim that consuming dairy into adulthood simply isn’t the way it should be. After all, humans are the only species that continues to drink milk in adulthood – let alone milk from another animal.

Before the agricultural revolution, humans - much like all mammals nowadays - would wean off from their mother’s milk in childhood and simply would not consume dairy again for the rest of their lives.

But of course, times change and species' do evolve, including humans. Even if consuming dairy isn’t what nature originally intended, it could have some health benefits… perhaps?


Is dairy good for you?

Now, this is where it gets interesting. 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Yes, seventy-five percent! 

So, from this perspective, it doesn’t seem like dairy is good for us at all.

If you are one of the 25% who isn’t lactose intolerant, then dairy could provide you with some beneficial nutrients. For example, calcium. However, it isn’t particularly difficult to find these nutrients elsewhere (especially if you use supplements!).

Generally speaking, lactose is pretty difficult to digest whether you are intolerant or not. Plus, milk and other dairy products are one of the top sources of saturated fat which, of course, contributes to a huge variety of common diseases. 


How does dairy affect our planet?

The main reason that we, at Core, chose to avoid dairy - aside from being more accessible to vegans - is because of its implications for the planet. 

The production of animal-based products accounts for three quarters of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by foods. Plus, the production of meat and dairy uses up 40% of the Earth’s land – this creates a huge environmental footprint.

In addition to this, the treatment of animals in the dairy industry isn't such a great thing either.

Overall, avoiding meat and dairy is considered to be the single biggest way to reduce our environmental footprint and save the planet.

Even if our small footprint at Core doesn’t make a world of difference, we didn’t want to become a part of the problem. 

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