Since March 2020, when the Covid-19 lockdown first came into full effect, many people in the UK have experienced working from home for the first time. It seems that people have mixed opinions on WFH – some people love it and others can’t wait to get back in the office!

Working from home can have a number of positive impacts, for example:

  • A better sense of flexibility as you can create your own schedule
  • Fewer interruptions which can increase productivity
  • Not having to commute means more time at home with family, and less money spent
  • You are at home in a comfortable environment

However, many people have seen the negative effects of WFH, including feelings of isolation and a lack of motivation. 

It seems that working remotely can be a hugely beneficial thing when done in moderation, for example, a few days per week. But, thanks to Covid, many of us have been forced to work remotely 5 days a week, giving us no time for human interaction or usual workplace activity. 

Let’s discuss how working from home might be affecting you… 


Feelings of Isolation When Working From Home

It’s no secret that feeling isolated is not good for our mental health. Humans are naturally social animals – we require interaction and communication in order to function properly. 

A disconnection between you and your co-workers can not only cause a decrease in productivity or increase the chance of mistakes and misunderstandings, but it can also be bad for your general wellbeing. 

Being lonely can lead to feelings of anxiety since a lack of contact makes it harder for us to trust and connect with others. This anxiety can then cause you to self-isolate even more, due to the feelings of fear that we begin to associate with social interactions. And, if we do go to a social event, we may become drained more quickly than usual. This creates a constant cycle that may be hard to get out of. 

If you are struggling with your mental health due to working from home, be sure to contact a mental health professional or speak to somebody you trust to get the support you need.


Lack of Motivation When Working From Home

Many people have found that it’s difficult to stimulate feelings of motivation or passion when working alone at home. 

Group discussions, sharing ideas, seeing other people doing well, and other activities that would usually happen in the workplace are great for boosting your motivation and, in turn, your productivity. Plus, fun non-work activities with your co-workers can help with motivation – but this hasn’t been so possible recently!

Fortunately, it is possible to boost your focus, motivation, and productivity when working remotely… 


How To Regain Your Focus When Working From Home

Using a supplement such as The Brain Capsule is a great way to boost your focus and concentration. 

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This blend can help to promote a restful, relaxed state of mind, helping to improve alertness, focus, and concentration. This allows you to be more productive or studious without your mind wandering away! 

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