Here at Core, one of our main goals is to make supplementation incredibly easy. It can be confusing trying to figure out which micronutrients your diet is lacking, or what you need to achieve specific health goals. 

That’s why we created this straightforward range to help you find the best supplements for you


Who are we?

We are a plant-based supplements brand, providing you with vegan-friendly vitamins that boost your wellness. 

These vegan supplements come in the form of a liquid spray vitamin with delicious natural flavours. 

We also put a HUGE focus on sustainability - that’s why all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and comes from plant-based sources. 

Oh, and did we mention we are a carbon positive workforce? For every purchase you make, we plant a tree! We are also proud to be 100% palm oil free

So, in summary, we create the best vitamins for body, mind and planet


Our Products

The Supplement

This supplement is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all the micronutrients you need on a daily basis.

  • Packed with tons of vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Boosts your general wellness from the inside out.
  • The best vitamins to take if you want to improve your nutrition, but don’t have a specific goal in mind.

The Energy Supplement

We made this vitamin supplement for energy enhancement! It helps to combat tiredness and fatigue to give you that natural level of youthful energy.

  • Contains the best energy-boosting vitamins.
  • Helps boost metabolism.
  • Helps to improve concentration and focus.

The Immunity Supplement

We created this supplement to enhance your immune system and help your body fight off disease. 

  • Contains the best immune-boosting vitamins.
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and vision.

The Winter Supplement 

This supplement contains a generous dose of vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin. This is because we don’t get enough vitamin D naturally during the winter, as there simply isn’t enough sun exposure in the UK.

  • Helps to keep bones, muscles and teeth healthy.
  • Helps to improve immunity.
  • Helps to improve the mood.


All of these vegan vitamins are packed with only natural ingredients, meaning there’s nothing in there that your body doesn’t need. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best supplements in the UK and we’ll stop at nothing to do that!

Keep an eye out for more products coming very soon. For now, check out the full range here.