One of the biggest focuses at Core is being 100% PLANT-BASED! Ever since coming up with the very first concept of this brand, we knew we wanted it to be entirely vegan-friendly and kind to our planet. Throughout the whole process of creating our supplement range, plant-based was always at the forefront of our minds. Here’s how we did it… 

How we created our plant-based liquid supplements

This story begins on a warm summer’s day in 2020. Yep, 2020, that dreaded year. We knew that people were suffering, and we wanted to create something good that could really, genuinely help. 

We kicked off the design of our supplement brand by creating a long list of different health benefits that we would want to achieve for ourselves. We figured that other people would probably have similar goals to us. And believe me, we didn’t hold back - our final list contained about 20 different initial supplements that we wanted to create. 

We also knew we wanted these supplements to be liquid sprays. This is for a couple of different reasons: firstly, sprays are just way more fun to use. Secondly, we could add in tasty flavours if we chose a liquid form. And lastly, liquid supplements absorb into the body more quickly, so they are often more effective than capsules (when it comes to certain supplements). 

At our first launch, we have produced 4 of these supplements - the ones that we think people will benefit from the most during this time of the year (the cold, dark, rubbish time). Check ‘em out here.

After coming up with the concepts of what we wanted our supplements to do, we passed it over to our good friends: a couple of expert scientists/supplement mixologists who definitely understand nutrition and product formulation way better than we do. We pretty much said, “here’s what we want it to do… now find a way to make it”. And they didn’t let us down.

After loads of research, testing, re-making, and more testing, they came up with a different formulation for every single supplement we wanted. They used all the best vitamins, minerals, and other plant-based ingredients such as turmeric or ginger, to create supplements that would provide the exact health benefits we had asked for. And all of these ingredients are obviously entirely plant-based. 

For some of the liquid supplements, they used MCT oil and for others, they used water and vegetable glycerin. This depended on whether the other ingredients were mainly oil-soluble or water-soluble. Our MCT oil is derived from coconut oil which is, of course, plant-based. We decided strongly against using palm oil derived MCT because palm oil is responsible for tons of deforestation. We don’t like deforestation. 

Next, they created the flavours for each supplement (this was the fun part for us). We wanted to create the best flavours possible without using anything artificial. So, this took a LOT of taste tests, revisions, and more taste tests to get it perfectly right. I can’t lie; this was a very enjoyable process getting to taste and choose loads of delicious flavours. The natural flavourings we used consist of things like lime oil, lemon oil, and orange oil. They are all completely plant-based! 

So, of course, all of the vitamins and minerals are completely vegan-friendly. Our MCT oil is plant-based, and so is the water and vegetable glycerin mixture. And our natural flavourings are all 100% plant-based too. There you have it - an entirely plant-based range of supplements! 

Why we choose to be 100% plant-based

Now you know how we created our plant-based range of supplements. But why did we do that? Well, it’s mainly because of our planet. 

Firstly, plant-based products help to reduce climate change. The production of animal-based products accounts for 3 quarters of all the greenhouse gas emissions produced by foods. This is pretty bad, and we didn’t want to add to that any further! 

Secondly, it helps to save water and land. Meat and dairy products are the biggest users of water in agriculture, and they also use up 40% of the Earth’s land. In other words, animal products have a huge environmental footprint on our croplands. Again, we didn’t want to be a part of this problem. 

Overall, veganism is considered the single biggest way to reduce our environmental footprint, and the most effective way to save the planet. And this doesn’t just apply to food - it applies to fashion, wellness, and pretty much anything else that is manufactured. 

Even if our small footprint at Core doesn’t make a huge impact environmentally, we still want to promote the message behind plant-based manufacturing. We want to be a part of the social change that’s happening right now as more people become aware of how veganism - or even just making more responsible decisions - can help the Earth. Using animal-based products and becoming a part of the problem just didn’t sit right with us.

Even if you don’t eat plant-based all the time (as we definitely don’t all do that at Core!), you can still make a difference by choosing plant-based when you can. Products like supplements really don’t need to contain any animal-sourced ingredients - there is always a plant-based alternative. We can so easily do it without!


Shop our plant-based supplements

We currently have 4 liquid supplement sprays up for sale, but more will be coming soon! Our current range includes The Supplement, The Winter Supplement, The Energy Supplement, and The Immunity Supplement. 

These are each packed with the vitamins and minerals you need to achieve specific health goals for the body and mind. We only use real, plant-based ingredients - no rubbish, no fluff! Oh, and the flavours are absolutely delicious. Do you really think we’d settle for anything less? 

Shop the range here.