Today - Tuesday the 20th April 2021 - is the start of Earth Day

This year’s activities will begin today and will end on the official Earth Day - the 22nd April.

Today (22/4/2021), Earth Day begins with a global youth climate summit consisting of panels, speeches, discussions, and special messages with today’s youth climate activists - including Greta Thunberg! 

Tomorrow, on the 21st April, there will be a multilingual virtual summit spanning several time zones and featuring prominent activists from every continent. 

And on the 22nd April, the Earth Day LIVE digital event will take place with workshops, panel discussions, and special performances focusing on Restore Our Earth™. There is a huge focus on restoring the world’s eco-systems with climate restoration, reforestation, regenerative agriculture, environmental justice, and more. 

At Core, we are joining the discussion surrounding Restore Our Earth™. We believe passionately in preventing the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction, and we want to use our platform to spread the message as much as we can. 

Follow this link to join the discussion and find Earth Day events that you can participate in. 


What are we doing at Core to help Restore Our Earth™? 


Certain products - their manufacturing processes and the waste they leave behind - can have devastating impacts on our environment. 

This is why we put a huge focus on natural and sustainable manufacturing - we don’t want our brand to become a part of the problem!


Our Packaging 

Our spray bottles are made from a plant-based biopolymer sourced from sugarcane. It is created by farming sugarcane on sustainable land which is then used instead of harmful fossil fuels. Plus, this sugarcane is often grown on degraded pasture land which then helps to recover the soil for future use. 

This material is:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Low carbon footprint
  • BRC compliant

In fact, traditional PE has a carbon footprint of +1.83, whereas our green PE has a carbon footprint of -3.09. This means that, for every kilogram of green PE produced, 3.09 kilograms of CO2 is removed from the air. 

These spray bottles are packed inside FSC-certified card boxes which are, of course, recyclable and sustainable. 

Our capsules are packaged in biodegradable pouches that speak for themselves!

You Buy, We Plant

In addition to our packaging, we also have a ‘You Buy, We Plant’ scheme, run by our partners Ecologi. For every sale we make, we plant trees to offset our carbon footprint and support renewable energy projects around the world. 

So far, we have:

  • Been climate positive for over 3 months
  • Planted 882 trees
  • Offset over 63 tons of CO2

We are proud to be a certified carbon-neutral workforce thanks to Ecologi! 

This month, our funding has directly impacted atmospheric CO2 levels, and we have supported the following projects:

Turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand.

Fuel-efficient cookstoves in Honduras.


Our Ingredients

Lastly, we are conscious of the ingredients we use in our products and the environmental impacts this could have.

All of our products are 100% plant-based and vegan friendly. This is because of the devastating impacts that meat and dairy farming have on the environment, not to mention the animal cruelty and even human abuse that goes on in this industry. 

We are also against the use of palm oil in our products due to the destructive nature of its harvesting and its contribution to climate change and habitat destruction. So, of course, we are 100% palm oil-free


Core is run by a team of real individuals - we aren’t perfect, but we are determined to do our best. Are there any other ways that we, as a brand, can help to Restore Our Earth™? If so, we would love to hear them! Contact us here.