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Here's What People REALLY Think About Get Core... Latest Article

Here's What People REALLY Think About Get Core...

The team here at Core HQ are super proud of our brand and our products. Of course, we absolutely love them.

But what about other people? You know, people that didn't create the brand... what do they think?

Well, we decided to collate the reviews from some lovely people over on Instagram. Take a look below to see their thoughts!


verity bowditch vegan protein

Verity Bowditch (@veritybowditch) on the Core Plant-Based Protein Powder in Vanilla

"I have it for breakfast to kick start my day & I’ve found it keeps my energy levels up by topping up the amount of protein in my diet. I still manage to work long hour days, get a work out in & socialise with plenty of energy. The taste is great!"




abigail comrie supplements

Abigail Comrie (@abigaiilcomrie) on the Core Capsules

"Sometimes when I’m so busy and have loads to be thinking about I struggle to get a good sleep even if I’m super tired! These* have helped A LOT, I can’t stress it enough guys."

"The healthy gut** vitamins are a savour if ur a lil lady who struggles with a dairy intolerance like me."

*Sleep Capsule

**Happy Gut Capsule


Shannon Skinner (@veganshannon) on the Core Plant-Based Protein Powder in Vanilla

"I use this protein in so many recipes and it’s great... Continue reading

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